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How Important Is Custom Packaging For a Business Product?


Coffee is a big part of our culture. About 54% of American adults drink at least one cup of coffee every day. The enduring popularity of coffee could be due to the fact that as many as 46% of workers feel more productive after a cup of coffee. Scientists have discovered that the amount of caffeine in a single cup, which is about 200 milligrams, was enough to help participants remember words and phrases faster than they do without a dose of caffeine.

So people love their coffee. What does this mean for those in the coffee selling business? People who drink coffee often fall into a rut of sorts. They know which type of coffee they like and dislike variations to their routine. A coffee seller must do the work to impress customers if they want to sell their coffee beans, and not just a few drinks at a time. Custom coffee bags might be able to help, especially if they are eye-catching.

How Skillful Marketing Can Increase Both Your Customer Base and Their Satisfaction.

Custom branding is a simple strategy that many companies utilize, and for good reason. It works. The simple act of putting the company name on packaging items, whether those items are pens or bag labels, keeps the company’s name in the customer’s mind.

Who Pays Attention to the Packaging of a Regular Product?

Branding is everywhere. It’s on pet food packaging, custom candy bags, even on medical marijuana bags. Some studies indicate that as many as 85% of shoppers make the majority of their purchasing decisions based on the text on the packaging of the products. People like art, even when it is just an interesting logo. A package that looks pretty sticks in the customer’s mind.

Consider the designs on Starbucks coffee cups around special events such as the winter holidays. People love it when a company puts in an extra touch. This “special touch” could be the color of the packaging, the message printed on the back, or a design that changes with the seasons. Getting customers to remember your brand is the first step towards gaining new ones.

Packaging Design: Making the Most of What You Have With Less Work.

Paying attention to the packaging of your products will reap rewards. Companies that do carefully choose their products’ packaging see about a 30% increase over not. Take custom coffee bags for example. It seems like such an innocuous piece of packaging. It’s just a simple bag to hold the coffee beans.

However, when a company takes the time to order custom coffee bags, customers take notice. It might be as simple as adding the company logo on the front. Or perhaps the bag is customized with a special seal to keep the coffee beans fresh for longer. It’s the details that customers appreciate. It is also the details that motivate customers to tell their friends.

How to Add Special Details For Custom Packaging.

In the example with custom coffee bags, a business could first decide what type of material they want for their bags. Next, the design of the bag will need to be carefully thought out. The traditional coffee bag is a simple envelope shape, but slight changes do set one brand apart from another.

Then it is time to consider what will be printed on the bag. The logo, the brand name, a slogan, or even the address of the business storefront? This decision can change overtime. There is nothing wrong with making changes based on customer reactions to get the best result. In reality that is just a smart business practice.

People buy the things they remember. They also like cool packaging. Numerous studies show how important it can be for a company to take care of the details. A business that takes the time to design custom packing for their product is ahead of the curve. The first step is finding out what customers believe could be improved with the current packaging on the market. Listening to what your customers want is a good first step. Delivering on it is the second.

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