How 3D Printing is Changing the Racecar Game


Motorsport engineers are under constant pressure to enhance racecar performance and improve their design. This video reveals that one of the ways they do this is through 3D printing for auto racing parts.
The role of 3D printing in racecar games is changing rapidly.

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Racecar teams can now generate auto racing parts and components on demand, thanks to the development of new technology. With 3D printing, these engineers can manufacture more streamlined and efficient auto parts.

Previously, racecar teams had to wait for suppliers to make and deliver their parts. This often led to delays in the production process. Sometimes, the required parts would be entirely unavailable. With 3D printing, racecar teams can now build parts locally and even create custom parks unavailable from suppliers.

Racecar engineers can also reduce the weight of the vehicles and obtain the strength necessary to withstand high temperatures, extreme speeds, and vibrations. Additionally, they can improve the ergonomics of the race car starring wheel to better the grip and make it lightweight.

Moreover, the engineers get greater design freedoms to build reliable materials that can withstand the tough conditions of the racing environment.

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