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Gift Ideas for Christmas Think Small!


It’s the holiday season and you are asking yourself the same question you do every single year at this time: how am I supposed to find special gifts for every single person that I care about? One way to finally find a cure for that struggle is to focus on finding unique small gifts that are not only incredibly cute, but meaningful as well! With this plan in hand, you won’t find yourself being a part of the 25 percent of Americans who wait until the last minute to purchase their gifts! Below are some super fun small gift ideas for Christmas that your friends and loved ones are sure to love!

1. Desktop Zen Garden – Does one of your co-workers need a little bit more relaxation added to their day? A desktop zen garden is a really cute way to remind them to step back, take a breath, and know that things will be okay!

2. Mini Soccer Balls – Let’s face it, we all know someone who really fell in love with soccer during the recent World Cup. Give that person an assortment of tiny soccer balls that are sure to make them smile!

3. A Deck of Cards – Who doesn’t love to play cards? It seems like everyone has their favorite game, whether it is an intense round of spades with their family, or playing solitaire at the airport alone to pass the time. A deck of cards is always an awesome gift!

4. Cool Sparklers – It might not be anywhere near the 4th of July, but with cool sparklers, why even wait for fireworks? Sparklers can make any party more lively and make for some awesome photos, too!

5. Mini Paint Set – Whether your friend is an aspiring artist or looking for a unique new hobby, mini paint sets can provide hours of relaxation and creativity!

According to a UGiftIdeas survey, nearly 60 percent of people agreed that gift giving makes their relationships feel more meaningful. This shared feeling is probably why nearly 90 percent of Amreicans plan to buy gifts during the holiday season. This year, get a leg up on the competition by using this list of small gift ideas for Christmas to find something perfect for everyone on your list!

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