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Four Reasons Why Marketers Are Flocking to Online Video Advertising


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The 81% of marketing executives who use video marketing and video for SEO in their ad campaigns can’t be wrong — digital video productions are quickly becoming the top way to gain a wide audience on the web.

Research has also shown that in the next five years or so, online video advertising will compose one third of the world’s advertising spending. So if your company hasn’t yet gotten involved in the world of online video marketing, there has never been a better time to do so.

To learn more about all the ways your company can gain an advantage by incorporating web video productions into its marketing strategy, read these four benefits that video marketing content offers:

1. Online videos reach mobile users: Did you know that online video content accounts for half of all mobile web browsing activity? That’s a huge percentage — and it’s because people love watching videos on their smartphones and tablets. Take advantage of this massive audience by optimizing your marketing to mobile devices with video content.

2. People prefer images to text: The human brain is wired to respond to visual content, rather than text content. Web users can understand more complex ideas when they are conveyed in an audio-visual form, and this is why they respond so well to online video advertising.

3. Online video builds your brand: By educating your viewers about the products and services that your company offers, you can build up your brand easily through video marketing. The right video production company will also help you convey your company’s values through visual and audio elements.

4. Online video is shareable: The biggest reason why video marketing content is so powerful is because viewers are able to share videos they like with the click of a mouse. In just a few days, you may be able to reach millions as a result of the viral video effect. Links like this:

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