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Four Fun Ways to Attract Visitors to Your Trade Show Booth


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If you’ve had a booth at a trade show before, you probably know how hard it is to attract attention. There are usually hundreds of booths around you, so getting people interested presents a unique challenge.

Fortunately, there are many trade show entertainment options that can make your booth a great place to be, from employing a professional magician to hosting a keynote speaker. Consider the following options and choose the form of trade show entertainment that suits your brand:

  1. Hire a Magician

    Trade show magicians and corporate mentalists are experts at working crowds and drawing attention. In addition to providing engaging trade show entertainment, magicians can also plug your product information during their act. If you choose to hire a magician, meet with them beforehand to discuss what you want to get across in the presentation.
  2. Build Photo Opportunities

    It’s the age of the selfie, and few people will turn down a chance to take a cheesy but fun photo. You can add a photography area to your booth and use the photos to create fun images like magazine covers, mock red carpet pics and so on. If they can take the photos with them, and the photos have your brand on them somewhere, there’s a good chance you’ll be remembered later.
  3. Use Keynote Speakers

    Your booth doesn’t have to just sit there. You can make it the site of cool events like keynote speeches that attendees will want to stop by for. Hire speakers to give scheduled talks from your booths that people can plan on attending. This will heighten awareness for your booth and bring in plenty of traffic.
  4. Rent Attractions

    There are plenty of attractions you can rent to make your booth more exciting. Consider an animatronic robot, a photobooth machine, a prize wheel, a prize vault and other unique devices. If people have to wait in line to experience the attraction, you’ll have plenty of time to talk up your business and hand out fliers and promotional materials.

Make sure whatever you choose fits in with your brand culture and promotes your business.

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