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Five Facts You Didn’t Know About Johnny Cash


Million dollar quartet branson missouri

Johnny Cash is one of the most well known names in country music. Currently, there is even a rock n roll musical that involves his part in a legendary musical performance. His career in the world of music lasted nearly five decades. Johnny Cash first rose to prominence in the 50s with songs that spoke to the common people. He would go on to begin a relationship with June Carter that would lead to a long lasting marriage. The Man in Black was a name given to Johnny Cash that he proudly was known as for his entire life. Johnny Cash’s career was filled with songs that spoke of love, heartbreak, anger, and even a little humor. In this post, you will learn four facts about Johnny Cash that you might not have previously known.

  1. He was an Ordained Minister: Many people know that Johnny Cash had his share of wild times in his life. However, one woman that helped him to settle down was June Carter. Once Johnny asked June for her hand in marriage, he had started to take inventory of his life. This couple was married in the late 60s and by the early 70s, Cash was on his way to becoming a minister even becoming close friends with Billy Graham, a well known Reverend.
  2. The Grand Ole Opry Incident: The Grand Ole Opry has long been a legendary venue that has been home to many country concerts. For a country music star, being inducted into the Grand Ole Opry was an honor. One fateful day in 1965, Johnny Cash was at the Grand Ole Opry. However, this day wasn’t filled with a singing Johnny Cash putting on a concert. Cash, in his younger and wilder days, proceeded to start busting out the Grand Ole Opry’s stage lights! Johnny Cash would receive a temporary ban from the Grand Ole Opry. The two parties would later hash out their old differences.
  3. Johnny Cash Wasn’t His Real Name: As cool as it sounds, Johnny Cash was not his real name. You might think that the whole name was made up. However, the surname of Johnny Cash’s was his own. Oddly enough, it was the first name of this man that was fabricated. Johnny was the fourth child for his parents to have. Legend has it that, unable to come up with a first name, Johnny Cash’s parents gave him the official name of J.R. Cash. When Johnny Cash enlisted in the Air Force, he ran into a problem with having initials as a first name. Therefore, the Air Force gave him the first name of John that would go to become part of his stage name.
  4. He was Part of the Million Dollar Quartet: One place where many idols of music performed in the 50s was a location known as Sun Studios. This studio was where some of the most legendary songs in music history were recorded. On December 4th, 1956, Sun Studios was home to one of the most amazing meetings of musical legends ever assembled better known as the Million Dollar Quartet. Like a dream rock n roll musical, four legends played together for a one of a kind jam session. This quartet consisted of Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Carl Perkins. The jam session played by the Million Dollar Quartet consisted of 47 songs. This jam session is so prolific that has become the subject of a rock n roll musical.

In closing, Johnny Cash is one of the most well known superstars in all of music. Tragically, Johnny Cash would pass away in 2003. However, his musical legacy and one of a kind presence still leaves a lasting impact throughout the world. He took part in one of the most legendary jam sessions of all time with the Million Dollar Quartet. The Million Dollar Quartet has even become an amazing rock n roll musical.

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