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Five Amazing Facts About Elvis Presley’s Life and Career


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Anyone who knows anything about rock n’ roll history knows that Elvis Presley is one of its biggest, most important figures. From the memorable, iconic and signature Elvis live performances of his career to his music, which transcended boundaries of blues, rock and country, Elvis remains one of the most crucial figures in music to this day.

But do you know as much as you think you do about the King of Rock n’ Roll?

To learn more about his fascinating career, music and life, read these five interesting facts you probably didn’t know:

1. Elvis Presley was prolific: Did you know that Presley recorded more than 600 songs throughout his entire career? He began recording music at age 18, and paid $4 to produce his first record.

2. Elvis Presley broke records: During his career, Elvis earned a huge number of awards and broke countless record sales records, some of which have only recently been bested. At 36, he became the youngest-ever recipient of a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, and he is the second best-selling artist of all time after The Beatles.

3. Elvis Presley was a fashion icon: The white jumpsuit and eagle belt worn during later Elvis performances has become one of the most famous outfits in rock n’ roll history. The jumpsuit is now on display at his home in Memphis, called Graceland, and is instantly recognizable to millions around the world.

4. Elvis Presley’s concerts were one-of-a-kind: From Elvis’ earliest live appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show that made him a start to the live Elvis show in Hawaii, which was the first concert to be broadcast live around the world via satellite, his performances still remain a famous part of his career.

5. Elvis Presley’s music is still popular: Presley’s estate continues to generate huge sums in revenues each year. In 2012, he was second on Forbes magazine’s list of top-earning dead musicians, second only to Michael Jackson, and the same year he earned an amazing $55 million.

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