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Fine Art Enriches Our Lives Stepping Off The Beaten Path With Hispanic And Latino Painters


The global art market has always been thriving. Art is representative of the human condition, after all, and humanity is ever hungry for more.

The reasons you have for seeking out the best art gallery won’t be like someone else’s. Whereas another might be searching for art to pad out their hotel’s hallways, you might be curious about contemporary pop art for your client’s living room. All dreams and curiosities are valid in the artistic space. The only thing better than finding beautiful paintings is finding lesser-known artists waiting for their turn in the sun. Famous Hispanic painters are starting to see prominence across the globe…and now’s a great time to jump on the bandwagon.

Before you look up ‘fine art galleries near me’, look below and see who you should be keeping an eye out for.

The Link Between Psychology And Art

Why do we seek out beautiful interiors? It has something to do with human psychology and its natural propensity for self-expression. The link between psychology and art has been heavily studied for many centuries — the most recent studies have only affirmed that lovely surroundings increase our sense of self-worth, lower our stress, and make us happy. Searching for ‘fine art galleries near me’ is a reflection of your desire to improve your life in subtle, yet vivid ways. This can manifest as choosing Cuban oil paintings for sale or sprucing up your home office with a collage.

Art Communities Across The Globe

The worldwide fine art market is seeing an interesting development. Statistics determined it to be valued at nearly $65 billion back in 2017, with this number expected to hold steady as new artists emerge. There are over 113,000 non-profit art organizations employing two million artists in the workforce — these range from conceptual artists for media campaigns to mural art for fundraisers. Simply put, the arts remain a driving force for economic and social change. The best art gallery is just around the corner.

The Rise Of Latino Artists In Fine Art

Something you can consider with ‘fine art galleries near me’ is supporting Hispanic and Latino artists. According to a survey, Hispanic and Latino artists constitute just 3% of the artists whose work is displayed in prominent museums. Corporate art dealers are always searching for ways to make their collection stand out, so stay ahead of the curve. Art by Mauricio Contreras and art by Karen Estrada will give your collection a unique touch that won’t be found elsewhere. Even better, you’ll be supporting this growing change in the global art community.

Contemporary Pop Art For Your Gallery

The appeal of pop art is in its bright colors, sharp angles, and mixture of different mediums. Painting remains the most popular media found in global collections, holding strong at nearly 85%, while collage and drawings make up the rest. That said, never be afraid to blaze out your own trail and furnish your gallery with what enriches your taste. Fernando Toledo art creates stunning portraits swathed in rich colors, straddling the fine line between pop art and classic paintings. If you’re seeking out more abstract surrealism, look no further than Omar D Leon.

Beautiful Fine Art For Your Business

Latin art is bursting with potential. Nearly 55% of art collections today have over 500 artworks to their name, so start furnishing yours with today’s best Hispanic and Latino painters. Mexican surrealist artists can provide your office or business spaces with a sense of style, eschewing more dry corporate design with color and pizzazz. Guillermo Trujillo has become prominent for his dreamy oil works and abstract shapes. Consider pairing him alongside the artist Jose Perdomo to fuel your love for color.

The art world is your oyster. When you search for ‘fine art galleries near me’, look beyond the surface to find your treasure.

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