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Considerations For The Planning of Your Wedding


Getting married is something that millions of people do all throughout the United States – very nearly two and a half million of them throughout the course of a single year. This means that up to 44,000 people are getting married over the course of each and every weekend, something that is most certainly an impressive thing. In total, up to half of all adults in the United States are currently married, making up just over the majority of the population.

But getting married is the culmination of quite the long planning process indeed. As a matter of fact, most couples will be engaged, on average, for around 14 months. This is the ideal period of time to be engaged, as it gives them the time that they need, just over a year, to plan out their wedding. When it comes to wedding planning, many different moving parts must be considered. Taking so many things into consideration is essential to having the actual big day run smoothly, of this there is just no doubt.

For one thing, setting a guest list is something that is hugely and deeply important in the wedding planning process. After all, the guest list will influence many different aspects of this process, such as the venue that is rented, the catering service that is hired, and the budget that is set. On average, around 136 people will be invited to the typical wedding. However, this number will certainly vary based on the couple that is soon to wed. Some will invite many more people while others will keep their weddings much smaller. Having a smaller wedding is not only an often effective way to have an intimate wedding, but also a great way to save on money in so many different aspects of the wedding planning process.

In addition to setting your guest list, deciding on a venue is likely to be the next most important step that you take – shortly after, of course, setting a date. After all, the date that you choose can greatly influence your venue, something that is becoming more and more clear. For instance, June is the most popular month in which to have a wedding, during which up to 15% of all weddings take place (October comes in as a close second, containing around 14% of all weddings taking place in the United States). When you get married during a warmer part of the year, it is much more likely that you will be able to have an outdoor wedding. And outdoor weddings, which actually now occur in up to 35% of all weddings, have grown more popular than ever before.

If you have your wedding during a warmer month, renting a party tent is likely a valid option as well. The party tent comes in many sizes and wedding tents have grown to be a cost effective alterantive to renting out a full venue. But when you rent a party tent from one of the places offering wedding tent rentals, there are a number of things to keep in mind. A party tent will vary in size depending on the type of party tent you get and your need for size in a party tent will also vary based on a number of factors.

Number of guests certainly influences the size of wedding tents for rent you should be looking at, but so too will the style of seating that you’re interested in and the events you’d like to occur in your party tent. For instance, if you’re using cathedral type seating in your party tent, each guest should be allotted six square feet or so. On the other hand, if you’re serving a meal and using round tables, up to 12 square feet will be needed per person. If you use rectangular tables, you can save some space – only around 10 square feet will be needed per person in such an instance.

At the end of the day, there are many things to be considered when planning your wedding, like the best party tent rental or the best location to host it or even just the number of guests that you are willing to invite. Giving yourself planning time is hugely key.

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