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All Your Party Bus Questions Answered!


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Do you want to rent a party bus for prom or another epic celebration but don’t know where to start? Here’s a simple FAQ to help you get your party on!

How much does it cost to rent a party bus?

Specific bus rental costs differ depending on the company providing the bus and the size and features included. However, all luxury bus rentals are rented on an hourly basis, so partiers never have to worry about gas or mileage. Many companies charge $100-300 an hour depending on the type of bus and services requested.

Why should I get a party bus and not a limo?

Party buses can carry up to fifty people and give your guests a lot more room to move around. They still have wrap around, limo style seating and all the amenities, but without the limits of space, most buses even have enough room for dance floors!

What can I get in my party bus?

Party buses come equipped with seating, electric sound systems, track lighting, bar areas, and dance floors with poles! Many also come with laser and LED lighting to make your bus feel like a club on wheels, and you can even hook up your iPod to dance to your favorite music! Though party buses are BYOB, they come with refrigerated wet bars for all your beverage needs.

Who drives my party bus?

Luxury bus rentals are driven by professionals who know the area well and can also serve as a guide, helping you chose where to go and what to see so your night is as fun as possible!

Where can I rent a party bus?

Plenty of companies specialize in party buses, but you can also rent them through limo companies. Search for luxury bus rentals in your area and find the one that will make your party adventure legendary! Find more.

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