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7 Fun and Unique Gifts for Coworkers


The secret about gifts is that it doesn’t have to be given for any particular reason, though that’s how it has been long. Away from the typical kind of gifting couples and loved ones do to each other during special occasions such as celebrating an engagement, anniversary, birthdays, there are simple, fun and unique gifts you can give coworkers or even your boss. These small gifts for coworkers offer you a simple and nice way of showing appreciation and also an opportunity to create new friends through your fondness approach.

Cute Plush Kitty Cat

If you’re looking for unique inexpensive gifts for colleagues, you can never go wrong with cat plush toys. Choose a grumpy cat plush that instantly cheers up someone who’s in a grumpy mood in the office. The plush’s look is so funny and it can help reduce boredom and spice up the environment.

Stackable and Portable Lunch Pot or Bowl

Choosing what to eat at lunch is often a challenge and many people end up settling for junks and other unhealthy foods. But with portable lunch pots, you can pack your favorite meal and safely carry it to work. This is a well-though small gift idea for coworkers that is both unique and functional to their daily lives. Lunch pots come in a variety of options ranging from different sizes and designs.

There are small and stackable containers that properly fit in bags, but you’d want to look for microwaveable versions to allow you to heat food directly from the container without having to change it.

Essential Oil and Diffuser Gift

An essential oil diffuser is a perfect office gift for colleagues as it provides uplifting scents and helps to create a relaxing atmosphere for an improved working environment. The fragrance has a calming effect and can make you relaxed under immense work pressure. The diffuser comes in a range of options to choose from and most of them will have soothing LED lights and mist options as well as a light control button to create your desired color theme.

Creative Pencil Holders

Help your colleague have an organized workstation inexpensive small gifts like a pencil holder. This simple gift idea will help your coworker keep their pens and pencils in a nice looking container that also brightens up the look on your co-worker’s desk. Choose one that has multiple compartments for separating pencils and pens so they can easily pick what they want. There are plenty of options when it comes to pencil holders, consider one that you’d also like to receive as a gift.

Ergonomic Laptop Riser

Your colleague will certainly feel appreciated with a laptop riser as a gift to ensure they remain productive while working in the office. An adjustable ergonomic laptop riser is suitable for different kinds of working stations so you don’t have to worry if they are the perfect fit.

Retirement Countdown Clock

If you’re looking for a timeless gift for your workmate, then a retirement countdown clock will surely send the message of love and appreciation. It’s a fun gift and a special one, especially for a colleague that is just about to retire. It reminds them of the time they need to hang out with you before they finally go to enjoy their retirement.

Accessory Holder

Find a desk accessory that keeps a lot of items organized and comes in handy when multitasking. It’s ideal for office storage of small items like tapes, pins, rubbers, staples and organization of essential items. Ensure you pick something office appropriate since there is plenty of option to choose from.


Small gifts for coworkers come in all shapes and sizes. A footrest, in particular, is an ideal gift that offers little pampering and reduces foot strains and fatigue on the lower back. This improves the sitting posture and offers an element of relation.

With plenty of choices for small gift ideas for a colleague, picking the right one can be pretty much overwhelming. That’s why we’ve compiled the above list to help you have a rough idea of what to pick as a gift. The list is not conclusive and there are other unique small gifts you can make yourself such as sugar cubes, cowgirl cookies, patched hoodie, DIY key chain and body scrub.

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