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6 Fun-Filled On-Transit Family Games


If you belong to the millennial and generation X, you’d probably struck have that reminiscent look or smile whenever you remember those interesting, informal family games that have been an important part of many families for generations.

Best of all, most of these family games required no equipment nor some specialized sophisticated gameplay tools to have a good time — whether you’re in a long queue or stuck in traffic.

Family games are not only fun for boding, but also educational for your children’s language and other essential learning skills like creativity, problem-solving, memory, communication, and critical thinking. Though you don’t have to openly suggest the games are educational, otherwise they might not find them fun any longer.

Let’s take you down the memory with some of the classic, enjoyable family activities and see how many you can remember.

1. Fun and Challenging Family Jigsaw Puzzles

Happy families find time to sit down together and enjoy good times — meals and playing games, and this is a great gift if you still do this.
Puzzles and games can be a great activity to enjoyed as a family and with a variety of options, you can choose puzzle games that allow you to play as an individual, pair, team or the whole family.

Family puzzles are available in a range of wonderful options and varying levels from easy puzzles to moderately difficult puzzles and difficult puzzles.

2. Geography Family Games

Hmm…this is one of the enjoyable game you can play as a family.

Best yet, it involves everyone and focuses to stimulate your geographical knowledge of locations, countries, continents, states, towns, cities. etc.

So, what’s the game rule? One player has to mention the name of a place — let’s say “California”. The next player will have to come up with a place name that begins with the last letter in “California”, something like “Alaska” or “Arizona”.

The other person picks up from that and the game can continue as long as the names are new place names mentioned.

3. Botticelli Family Game

This is a great game for children, particularly for teenagers who are familiar with popular people and historic figures. The game rule is to come up with a well-known persona and trigger yes or no answers from the questioners.

So what you do is give out the initials of the persona and the others will try to crack the identity of the person. It starts with more general questions as it narrows down on the identity with players trying to guess a correct answer.

4. Creative Arts and Crafts Family Game

Another way you can get involved in your child’s life is through the creative arts. There are plenty of craft kits at local craft shops you can buy and enjoy your time together with the children making nice masterpieces.

Such activity helps to build your child’s self-esteem whenever they feel part of an artistic process and the success after. You can design wood crafts and later use them to decorate your child’s bedroom.
Be sure to buy creative arts that you can use multiple times and last longer.

5. 20 Questions

A classic family game where one player thinks of an object and only specifies the category of the object — whether its a vehicle, animal, vegetable or mineral.

The questioners promote a yes or no answer from the first player by guessing. For example, if the object is an animal, questioners will ask, ” Is it bigger than a cow or smaller than a cat?” or “How many legs does it have?”. You have to go through a set of 20 questions.

6. Categories

This game involves a team or the entire family where one player mentions a “category”, let’s use the above example where a player stated “continent”. So other players will try to mention other items that belong to that group.

In a bid to encourage the game to flow smoothly and faster, there is usually a clapping rhythm by team members that proves you to come up with an item quickly. This keeps the game entertaining.

Family games can help you create lasting memories and while most of these can be played in the car, they can be more fun playing in a room.

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