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4 Reasons to Take Up Ballroom Dancing Today


Ballroom dance instruction

Have you ever wanted to take ballroom dance classes? You should! Here are five great reasons to find a ballroom studio and get dancing!

  1. It?s great exercise and might help with weight loss. If you?re tired of treadmill walks and that elliptical to nowhere, you?ll be pleased learn that ballroom dancing is also a low-impact aerobic activity. It burns calories and boosts the metabolism. Thirty minutes of dancing burns about the same amount of calories as running and cycling, and it can be a lot more fun.
  2. You?ll be ready for the next wedding. Find a ballroom studio and sign up for some adult dance classes: someone?s gettin? hitched. You can just about guarantee it. Every weekend, about 44,230 weddings take place in the United States, and not much will please the bride and groom more than feeling like all their guests were able to dance with them and have a great time. Consider it a gift to them as well as yourself, and sign up for some beginner dance classes!
  3. You?ll get toned and balanced. Dancing strengthens core muscles and helps to improve your balance, which in turn improves reflexes. Dancing also tones all the muscle groups it uses, which is nearly every one in the body, and that?s a lot more efficient than targeting each muscle group an area at a time.
  4. You?ll lower your stress levels and feel better. Stress is a natural response to factors that threaten us in some way. Unfortunately, your body has no way of knowing the difference between stress you might feel because you?re about to be eaten by a tiger and stress you feel because things are constantly tense at work. Either way, it responds by ramping up your flight/fight response (with adrenaline, among other things) and your ?outlast the famine? response, which tells your body to retain fat. Remaining in this state for weeks and months at a time is hard on the whole body, so doing something active to physically relieve those feelings can be very beneficial. Dance forces you not only to be physically active, but to concentrate completely on the moment. You can?t check out to worry about the kids while you?re dancing. Some dance lessons at the ballroom studio can help you relieve your stress and help you find more energy and sleep better.

On top of all these great reasons to get into dance, it?s just plain fun! Don?t sit out life as a spectator. Get in there and dance! Research more like this. Get more on this here.

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