About Stephanie Schultz

Stephanie SchultzI’m passionate about art, and I love drawing, painting, sculpting, and learning about famous works of art. My name is Stephanie Schultz. I took many art, theater, and writing classes in both high school and college. I love using my creativity and I’m constantly finding ways to incorporate it into my work and lifestyle. I enjoy writing, reading, drawing, etc. in my free time, and I look forward to doing all of these activities because they give me the opportunity to relax and take a break from my busy schedule.

I designed this blog to educate you on the arts (for example: fine art, modern art, contemporary art) and entertainment. I want to inspire you to learn about how art and entertainment can enhance your life and provide you with a new outlet for you to express yourself. Examples of ways that you can incorporate art into your lifestyle are drawing, painting, writing poetry, writing short stories, acting in a play, etc. My love for many forms of art and entertainment inspired me to share my insights with you! I hope that my blog inspires you to learn more about the arts and find ways to incorporate acting, drawing, writing, and other art and/or entertainment activities into your lifestyle. You should follow my website for updates, and I’d love it if you share my website with your friends!